11 September, 2008

I love the Heist blog so much.

This shit makes me lol.

Heist is rad cause they have nice clothes (that I cant afford) and the dudes that run it just seem like they hang out all day being chilled out and selling clothes and just having a good time. First time I rocked up there my workmates and I got invited to some acclaim magazine launch thing, didnt end up going but it's pretty nice and down to earth when you go to a shop where the people are there to have a good time and really enjoy what they do and know what they're talking about (and arent eletist either)

Anyway, I dont know who writes the blog, but it has some real gold sometimes, though I don't know if it's quite as funny/succinct to people not in the fashion industry and people who don't live in Australia. But still, I love it. I always get happy when a new blog post is sitting there on my google reader cause it means shit talking or pics of new gear, either is good.

Oh yeah, mooks/stussy etc are all pretty terrible, it's like myer/glue version of "trendy street wear". Well stussy do some interesting tees, but I dont think they are the australian ones most of the time...

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Anonymous said...

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