18 July, 2008

Someone buy me this keec bag

Bamakko — Keec Supple-Puppy hOP-scotch Large

They are awesome!


bamakko said...

hey, i made that! :) how'd you stumble across it?

muskawo said...

I cant remember :P Maybe from a blog, or from jumping around to different melbourne fashion/craft/etc sites. Maybe a shop with these bags was in the three thousand newsletter? I cant remember but when I saw them I thought they were really nice. One day when I have enough spare cash lying around I'll come up to Melbourne and buy one. I'm picky about bags, I'll buy a bunch of cheapo dangerfield ones and then every so often spend a lot on one, I'd like a really nice satchel, im not much of a handbag person.

Haha there's a little essay for you :P